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FULLY FSC® CERTIFIED – because we care


FSC Certified Printing CompanyBarr Printers have always taken the impact of printing on the environment seriously and act accordingly to protect our environment for our future generations. As a company we have incorporated many ways to reduce our impact that has resulted in Barr Printers being a recognised, fully certified FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) printing company. We have always recycled our waste and despite an increase in printed sheet production we are proud to have drastically reduced our landfill waste. New printing and monitoring equipment means less waste sheets and alcohol free printing presses removes a chemical use in the printing process. All our work is printed using vegetable based inks.

FSC_LogoOur status as a FSC® certified printer relates to the Chain Of Custody Standards which means our clients can connect their own printed material with responsible forest management that care for the world’s forests, habitats and indigenous peoples.

Choosing Barr Printers as your supplier of print will tell your audience or clients that you take the environment seriously and have acted accordingly by selecting a FSC® certified print company. The relevant FSC logo will be placed correctly on your work to confirm this by our FSC® trained staff.

Whatever your requirement, enquire or call our Customer Services to get the best advice.

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